August 23, 2015

Color Palette Challenge

I kinda wish I'd saved more from my process, but I'll just post what I have. I reblogged an art palette challenge asking for requests. One of them was: your favorite champion + palette #283.

The result. Felt kinda eh about it.

Much better. (Also re sized his hand and added some flecks cause? ?? anime.)

I really miss drawing League champs. And League in general. Doodling too many Splatoon squids kinda had me worried my anatomy would start to regress, so I broke out the studies.

"Yo I swear it was thiiiis big."

League isn't the only reason for these studies though. GUESS WHO'S ON A JOJO KICK??
It's me.
I'll get good so I can draw some crazy exaggerated shit, just wait. I can do it. I BELIEVE

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